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Longan – 8# box


The Beiw Kiew Longan is a variety from Thailand that is a supreme quality fruit with a stronger caramel flavor and smaller seed than most other longan varieties. It is a close relative of the lychee, which it resembles.  Longan is Mandarin for “dragon’s eye,” and is commonly known as dragon eye fruit.

Shipping Information

Due to the nature of the product, papayas are only shipped ONCE every two weeks. We process orders Sunday and pack on Monday for Tuesday shipment through FedEx. Papayas generally arrive in 1-3 days.  If for some reason there is any delay in shipping, we will notify you.

Papayas can be shipped anywhere in the USA.  Shipping is free, with the exception of certain locations in Alaska, which may require an additional charge.  At this time we are unable to ship papayas internationally.

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